Hello everyone! This is just a paragraph about me. My name is Renee!I am 34 years old, I live in Russell NY, and I am a mother of two children. I attend Suny Canton College, I am majoring in applied psychology. I am on my third year I have two more years to go. College has been fun but it is also been very hard. But anyone can do it if they put their minds to it. I decided to go to college because I was sick of working small jobs and not getting that much money. In today’s economy you can’t get a real good job with out a college degree and I also went to college to set an example for my two children. I want my kids to know if they work hard they can achieve anything.

My School Experiences

When I was in school I received a lot of ethnic care and I felt like I belonged in a lot of my classrooms but I also had some awful experiences too. I had some teachers that helped me when I needed it and they also made me feel like I belonged by making me involved with all of the other students. But some of my teachers acted like they didn’t give a dame. When I had a question they wouldn’t really answer me.

When it comes to restorative justice, I really believe that it is a good thing to have in the schools. Restorative justice is a concept and set of practices that enable educators to respond when students misbehave, but with responses that embody an ethnic of care (Teaching to Change the World, by Jeannie Oakes, Martin Lipton, Lauren Anderson, and Jamy Stillman, 2013, Pg. 244). I think restorative justice is a good to have in school because teachers should not have to deal with misbehaving students but they should deal with it in a good manner because a student could have more going on than the teacher know’s and they need help.

I also think that the choice theory is a good thing to have in the schools. Choice theory is the explanation of human behavior based on internal motivation (Goggle). I think that it is a good thing to have in the schools because not every student learns the same way. I had that kind of experience in school. The teacher was teaching a way to do a math problem and I couldn’t understand it so I went to the math lab . The math lab should me a different way to do the problem and the way that the person should me from the math lab I understood.

I earned a “B” because I am missing the picture or graphic and my grammar isn’t that good.