Learning is the expansion of what one may already know or perceive. It is the accumulation of knowledge but more importantly the application of this knowledge. If one cannot use newly acquired information for his/her own practical use or benefit than it is doubtful that he/she is engaged in the learning process (module 4 readings). The most learning that I have ever done was in college. In ever knew class that I had to take I ended up using some of the learning from my preferences classes to help me in the knew class that I was in.

The behavioral therapy is a treatment that helps change destructive behavior, it helps replace bad habits with good ones and it helps people deal with situations (www. healthline.com/behavioral therapy). I have tried using behavioral therapy myself. It has worked on some things but it didn’t work on all the the things that I have tried it on. One bad habit that I have changed by using behavioral therapy was me quieting smoking. Instead of smoking I chew a lot of gum now.

The humanistic therapy focuses on the positive image of what it means to be human. Human nature is viewed as basically good and humanistic theorists focus on methods that allow fulfillment of potential (www.cliffnotes.com/science/…/the humanistic-perspective). I use humanistic therapy on my kids myself. I tell them everyday that they can do anything if they put their minds to it. In doing so I hope it helps them reach their maximum potential.

I earned a “B” because I failed to add a picture or a graphic and my grammar might not be that good.

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