Final Blog

I have learned a lot from this class. The most important things to me that I have learned from this class were how hard teachers really have it and the different ways schools are taught. Those two things are the most important things that I have learned because they were the most eye opening things to me.
Out of the two the most eye opening one to me was how hard teachers really have it. How hard teachers have it was eye opening for me because at first I did not realize how hard they really had it. The things that made me realize how hard teachers really have it are how different students really learn. Their are so many different ways students learn and the teachers have to try and keep up with all of them so the students can learn their class. Their are 7 different learning styles. The 7 learning styles are visual, aural, verbal, physical, solitary, social, and logical(The 7 Styles of Learning: Which One Works For You?, by Katie Lepi, November 27, 2012). In-addition to trying to teach all of the students in their own way of learning the teachers have only a short time to do it.
The different ways that schools are taught was eye opening to me because I never knew their were schools that taught everyday outside and that taught everyday skills but their are. The names of those schools are Cedarsong Nature School and Sojourner Truth School. The Cedarsong Nature School teaches everyday outside. The teachers teach their students the names of all of the different plants, trees, and animals. The names of the different types of dirt and so on ( The Sojourner Truth School teaches how to do everyday life skills. The everyday life skills that the students learn are how to cook, was dishes, and so on(
The thing that helped me learn the most was my teacher. Every-time I didn’t understand something I could call her and she would help and she would give me some sites to go to to help me also. The thing that got in the way of my learning was a lot of the words I didn’t know the meaning of so I would have to take extra time to find the meaning to them. In doing that my assignments would take me longer to complete.
In the beginning I didn’t feel that good about this course but by the end of it I felt really good. I felt really good by the end of this course because I learned about a lot of different things that I didn’t know about before or didn’t realize how hard some people really have it like how teachers. This class was a big eye opener for me. I think more students should take this class it was very education. I just want to say thank you to all of the teachers out there, you do make a differences.


Teacher’s in my opinion have a very hard job to do and some of those teachers can do a very good job. A good example of a good teacher to me is, when I was in school I had trouble with comprehension, so I was put in a class 2-3 days a week to help me. I was in that class for about 2 years then I was told I didn’t need it anymore but not all of that teachers did that. Now I am in college and I only have one year left. Some of the teachers that I have met I my opinion should try to motivate the students, being able to listen to the students more, and have more of a passion for teaching.

A good advertisement in my opinion for a teacher’s potion would be that the person would have to have taught for at least 2 years and a valid state teaching license. The person should have a passion for teaching, a passion for wanting to see children learn, and a passion to want their students ex-sell. I have never seen a advertisement for a teacher that asked for a person that wanted to see their students ex-sell, learn, and have a passion to teach.

I earned an “B” because I am only missing the picture or graphic and I might have made some #8 mistakes.

My School

In my school their would 3 major things that I would put into or change in my school. One of those things that I would be to change wold be the math classes that were being taught. I would focus the math classes on the basic math than the math that we don’t use in the world today. I would focus the math classes on basic math because I and so many others that I have seen have trouble with math and in my opinion why teach math that the students are not going to use in everyday life. I see no point in that. The second thing would be to had a class on teaching the students about what needs to be done in everyday life. A lot of young kids don’t no and don’t understand what an adult has to do in everyday life. This class would help prepare them and maybe it would help them understand what their parents go though everyday. The third thing would be to had on class on all of the different religions out their. I think if we had a class on all of the different religions out their then their would be less fights between the different religions. I think this class would cause less fighting between the different religions because if people were taught what the different religions were about, what they believed in, and why they believed what they believed in than the people would be less afraid of them. If the people were less afraid of them than most likely you would see or hear about less fighting among them.

” I earned a “B” because I failed to add a picture or a graphic and number 8 might not be that good”.


Test- based accountability typically includes multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true-false, and matching test items- all of which have a predetermined correct answers (Teaching to Change the World, by Jeannie Oakes, Martin Lipton, Lauren Anderson, and Jamy Stillan, 2013, pg. 196). In college almost all of the tests that I take are test based accountability. I don’t really care about this type of testing. I prefer the tests that let people right down their ideas.

Summative assessment is to evaluate students learning at the end of instructional unit by comparing it against some standard or benchmark (Module 6 readings, The Eberly Center for teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation, what is the difference between formative and summative assessment article, In away I like the summative assessment on my grades but in away I don’t. In away I don’t like summative assessment because when I get a bad grade on something I feel like I could have done better and that makes me feel really bad.

The law of standardized testing will determine two things. Those things are about all professors will be evaluated by the standardized scores of their students. Professors who have the most A’s will be recognized and honored. Those with most D’s and F’s will be placed on probation. If these grades do not improve, the professor will be let go and the second one is weather the student will pass the course. The final assessment grade will be their GPA. The purpose for this is to ensure all students who move on will have uniform knowledge. It will also insure if a student transfers the new school will have an accurate evaluation of the student abilities (Are Module 6 Readings). The one that bugs me is the first one. I don’t think that any standardized testing can ever measure a persons learning or intelligence. In my opinion no test can fully capture a students knowledge that their is much more to a sound education than picking the right answer on a test. I think if the state has to give a student a test the test should have essay or opinion questions on them. To me that would show more of a students mind set than a multiply choice test.

I earned a “B” because I am only missing the picture or graphic and I did not do #8 very well.


Teaching is defined as the occupation, profession or work of a teacher and the ideas or principles like beliefs and education which is taught by an authoritative figure. To me teaching is an art of transmitting knowledge to children who were interesting in learning. I believe teaching is hard thing to do. I believe that teaching is a hard thing to do because the teacher has to teach a lot of children who learn differently. That has to be very overwhelming for them. The programs that help children who need extra help, help the teachers out. Schools in my opinion need more of those programs but I keep hearing about a lot of the programs being shut down. I really don’t agree with that. I think the schools should cut other things than those programs that help children learn. I am a prime example of the extra help programs. When I was in elementary school I had to go get extra help. I need extra help because I had trouble with comprehension. I was in the extra help program for about two years then I was told I did not need the extra help anymore. Look at me now! I am in college and I almost have my bachelors degree in psychology.

When it comes to education and labeling and/or grouping to me it is not so black and white. I don’t think it is so black and white because know child should be labeled because they need extra help but yet again some children need to be in the programs that provide the extra help. If all children were shown what these programs do then maybe the labeling or grouping would slow down or even stop all together. I am a prime example. I was in the program for about two years for comprehension and it really helped me. Look at me now! I am almost done with my bachelors degree in psychology.

Students in my opinion need to understand labeling and/or grouping but they also need to understand what social construction of difference means. Social construction of difference means a social mechanism, phenomenon, or category created and developed by society; a perception of an individual group or idea that is “constructed” through cultural or social practices on the difference between other people or groups. I think if the children were show or taught that everyone is different but the same you would see a lot of children would stop and think about what they are doing and if they did that then are educational system and the children would be better off.

I earned a “B” because I worked really hard on this and I gave it a lot of thought. I am also missing my graphic or picture and some of my grammar maybe off.


Learning is the expansion of what one may already know or perceive. It is the accumulation of knowledge but more importantly the application of this knowledge. If one cannot use newly acquired information for his/her own practical use or benefit than it is doubtful that he/she is engaged in the learning process (module 4 readings). The most learning that I have ever done was in college. In ever knew class that I had to take I ended up using some of the learning from my preferences classes to help me in the knew class that I was in.

The behavioral therapy is a treatment that helps change destructive behavior, it helps replace bad habits with good ones and it helps people deal with situations (www. therapy). I have tried using behavioral therapy myself. It has worked on some things but it didn’t work on all the the things that I have tried it on. One bad habit that I have changed by using behavioral therapy was me quieting smoking. Instead of smoking I chew a lot of gum now.

The humanistic therapy focuses on the positive image of what it means to be human. Human nature is viewed as basically good and humanistic theorists focus on methods that allow fulfillment of potential (…/the humanistic-perspective). I use humanistic therapy on my kids myself. I tell them everyday that they can do anything if they put their minds to it. In doing so I hope it helps them reach their maximum potential.

I earned a “B” because I failed to add a picture or a graphic and my grammar might not be that good.

The Different Philosophies Of Education

The Essential-ism philosophies of education’s preferred curriculum is knowledge and basic skills necessary to preserve the culture and to enable constructive participation in it. The role of the teacher is to show authority in the classroom, the conveyor of knowledge, and the administrator of tests to ensure that knowledge has been acquired. The role of the student is to receive transmitted knowledge (Teaching to Change the World, by Jeannie Oakes, Martin Lipton, Lauren Anderson, and Jamy Stillman, 2013, pg. 65).

The Behaviorism philosophies of education’s preferred curriculum is an individualized program; carefully paced, linear instruction. The role of the teacher is to provide stimuli and reinforcement for learning. The students role is to respond to stimuli and develop habits of thought and behavior (Teaching to Change the World, by Jennie Oakes, Martin Lipton, Lauren Anderson, and Jemy Stillman, 2013, pg. 65).

The Multiculturalism philosophies of education preferred curriculum is a broad array of knowledge in the traditional subject, with an emphasis on respectful understanding of all cultures and people. The role of the teacher is to build on the “funds” of knowledge students bring from home; provide experiences that allow for diverse ways of learning. The role of the student is to actively construct knowledge by participating in ways that connect home culture and language with school experiences (Teaching to Change the World, by Jennie Oakes, Martin Lipton, Lauren Anderson, and Jemy Stillman, 2013, pg. 65).

I earned a “B+” because I failed to add a picture or graphic and one outside resource.

School Culture

School Culture is defined as the way teachers and other staff membershave a shared sense of purpose and values based on common bliefs, perceptions, relationships, attitude’s and written and unwritten rules that shape and influence every aspect of how a school functions (teaching o Change the World, by Jeannie Oakes, Martin Lipton, Lauren Anderson, and Jamy Stillman, Pg. 207-271). An example od school culture from my own life would be that i wear Canton Kangaroo’s sportwear to show everyone my pride in my Alma Mater.

Confronting homphobia is a very important thing in my eyes. I belief if people were more awear than people would be less afraid of what they don’t know. Confronting homphobia has developed a organization called the “Gay-Straight Alliance Network”. The “Gay-Straight Alliance Network” is an organization that supports young people in starting, strength-ening and sustaining local school gay-straight alliances (Teaching to Change the World, by Jeannie Oakes, Martin Lipton, Lauren Anderson, and Jamy Stillman, Pg. 278-279).

“Team Teaching” I think is a very good thing. I wish it was done more often. “Team Teaching” is when two people work together to figure out a situation and share ideas (Teaching to Chage the World, by Jeannie Oakes, Martin Lipton, Lauren Anderson, and Jamy Stillman, Pg. 286-287). live I have experienced this a few different times and each time I found it very helpful. One day me and friend of mine were having trouble with a homework problem so we pulled together to figure the problem out. In doing so my friend and I got an “A” on the assignment.

I earned an “B” because I am only missing a picture or graphic ad my grammar might not be that good.


Hello everyone! This is just a paragraph about me. My name is Renee!I am 34 years old, I live in Russell NY, and I am a mother of two children. I attend Suny Canton College, I am majoring in applied psychology. I am on my third year I have two more years to go. College has been fun but it is also been very hard. But anyone can do it if they put their minds to it. I decided to go to college because I was sick of working small jobs and not getting that much money. In today’s economy you can’t get a real good job with out a college degree and I also went to college to set an example for my two children. I want my kids to know if they work hard they can achieve anything.

My School Experiences

When I was in school I received a lot of ethnic care and I felt like I belonged in a lot of my classrooms but I also had some awful experiences too. I had some teachers that helped me when I needed it and they also made me feel like I belonged by making me involved with all of the other students. But some of my teachers acted like they didn’t give a dame. When I had a question they wouldn’t really answer me.

When it comes to restorative justice, I really believe that it is a good thing to have in the schools. Restorative justice is a concept and set of practices that enable educators to respond when students misbehave, but with responses that embody an ethnic of care (Teaching to Change the World, by Jeannie Oakes, Martin Lipton, Lauren Anderson, and Jamy Stillman, 2013, Pg. 244). I think restorative justice is a good to have in school because teachers should not have to deal with misbehaving students but they should deal with it in a good manner because a student could have more going on than the teacher know’s and they need help.

I also think that the choice theory is a good thing to have in the schools. Choice theory is the explanation of human behavior based on internal motivation (Goggle). I think that it is a good thing to have in the schools because not every student learns the same way. I had that kind of experience in school. The teacher was teaching a way to do a math problem and I couldn’t understand it so I went to the math lab . The math lab should me a different way to do the problem and the way that the person should me from the math lab I understood.

I earned a “B” because I am missing the picture or graphic and my grammar isn’t that good.